What is an Empath? Are You One?

We can all have empathy. Empathy is when something terrible occurs to someone, and your heart hurts along with them, but being an Empath is something much deeper than just being empathetic to someone's feelings. So, what is an empath exactly?

What is an Empath?

Empaths have the gift of feeling and understanding the emotions of other living creatures, often taking their pain in as their own. Empaths are susceptible people and can sense the emotional energies of others around them, sometimes even picking these emotions up and exhibiting them into their personalities. Natural healers and empaths are also very intuitive, and often have a supernatural skill at interpreting others just by first impressions. According to the Nature of Neuroscience, only 1 to 2% of the population are true empaths.

5 Signs You Might Be an Empath

Are you highly sensitive? Often told that you are emotional? Think you could be empathic? Below are five signs you could be an empath.

  1. Closeness and Intimacy Struggles

Empaths tend to struggle with regular intimate touch, which can make romantic relationships problematic. As a result of too much talking or touching, craving attention can cause sensory overload or "frayed nerves." When you try to convey your desire for time alone, though, your partner takes offense which you absorb, making you more upset.

2. You Admire Nature and Remote Places

There are nature lovers aplenty, but empaths often have a desire for nature and its calming beauty, being drawn to remote places void of loud sounds and people. Just simply sitting under a tree for a few hours can help soothe an empath's soul completely.

3. Good Intuition

Ever have that feeling of knowing without knowing? An Empath has a penchant for picking up on subtle indications that reveal other people's thoughts. When it comes to making decisions, empaths often rely heavily on their instincts. Others may think you're harsh, but you're relying on your gut to lead you to the best decision possible.

4. You Dislike Crowds

Some may call you an introvert, but in truth, it could be due to your empathic traits. Crowds can often overwhelm an empath's senses quickly due to all the emotional noise around them. It can even lead an empath to become physically ill.

5. Random People Start Sharing Their Life Stories

Ever been sitting on a bus, standing in line at a supermarket, and a stranger starts talking to you, sharing with you their woes and life story? Among your friends, are you the person that they can always talk to? Empaths are, of course, kind, sensitive, and caring listeners. They also have a unique perspective on the world and do not judge. Strangers, friends, your family may feel this energy and be drawn unknowingly to it, knowing you are a safe, comforting place to talk and be open to.

Do any of these traits hold true for you? You could be an Empath.

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