Numerology + Tarot: Calculating Your Tarot Birth Card

You've probably heard of numerology, and you've definitely heard of tarot. But what happens when you combine them together? You get your tarot birth card. Tarot cards will have a similar meaning, regardless of whether they are used in a tarot reading or as a birth card. The Major Arcana are numbered 1-21. You'll take the numbers of your birth date to calculate your birth cards.

Single Birth Card

To calculate a single birth card, you'll write your birth date in number format. Then add all the numbers together.




If the number is higher than 21, you'll add the digits together.


The Hierophant is the 5th card in the Major Arcana, so that is your birth card.

Two Birth Cards

To use the two birth card methods, you'll begin by adding your birth date numbers together, but in a different way. Instead of adding each number individually, you'll add day+month first two numbers of year +second two numbers of the year. In the above example, this would be 9+18+19+85=131.

If you have a two-digit number, you'll add them together to get your first birth card. If you have a three-digit number, you'll add the first two digits to the third digit.

13+1=14. 14 is Temperance.

Then you'll add the two-digit number together. 1+4=5.

So your cards would be Temperance and the Hierophant.

The only exception to this rule is if your sum is 19. In this case, you will have 3 birth cards. These are The Sun, The Wheel of Fortune, and The Magician.

Card Correspondences

Once you've calculated your birth card or cards, you can learn your cards with this chart.

1. Magician

8. Strength

15. The Devil

2. High Priestess

9. Hermit

16. The Tower

3. The Empress

10. The Wheel

17. The Star

4. The Emperor

11. Justice

18. The Moon

5. The Hierophant

12. Hanged Man

19. The Sun

6. Lovers

13. Death

20. Judgement

7. Chariot

14. Temperance

21. The World

How to Use Your Birth Card

You know your birth cards. Now what? How can you use this knowledge? Tarot birth cards help to reveal your potential for this lifetime. They can teach you about your personality, lessons you need to learn, and challenges you will face. Just as a tarot reading can reveal valuable information about your life, your tarot birth cards can provide a guideline for better understanding yourself.

If you choose the two birth card methods, it's recommended that you read them together. This is an intuitive process. You read the meanings of both cards, and think about how they fit together to create a more nuanced meaning. If you find this difficult, the cards hold plenty of meaning standing separately as well.

Example Interpretation

We'll go back to our example. We have The Hierophant and Temperance. Temperance means compromise, gentle (or feminine) strength, cooperation, and a balanced temperament. The Hierophant shows love for tradition and structure, particularly institutions like church or government. The Hierophant is the ultimate authority figure, and a rigid way of doing things.

Combined, you can expect someone who acts with honor and integrity. They can be idealistic or want things done their way, but it's for the good of society and not personal gain. You can expect this type of person to be driven by a desire to improve the world.

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