Incorporating Crystals in Your Home

Have you wanted to incorporate the power of crystals into your life? Crystals have become an increasing trend in home decor, with the bonus of brightening the energy flow and feel of a room. Our home is our sanctuary. A place where we entertain, raise our families, and more. Crystals can aid in helping to maintain your homes' safe, sanctuary feeling. With thousands of crystals out there and each containing different metaphysical properties, which ones should you pick? Here are seven prominent crystals to have in your home.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is considered the master healing stone. You can pair it with any other stone to give the other stone a power boost. Individually, it aids in balancing the energy in the room.


Considered an uplifting stone, selenite can be placed in the living room to lift the energy flow, bringing love and light into your living area.

Rose Quartz

Known as the “love stone”, this pale pink stone deals with the heart. Place rose quartz in the bedroom to generate calmness, kindness, and love, promoting sweet dreams.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is considered a grounding stone and is used for protection against all types of negative energies. Place Black Tourmaline at your front and back doors. Therefore, no negative energy can enter your home. You can equally create a protection grid, placing a piece at every corner of a desired room, or outside your home's property. Remember first, though, to cleanse the room and home beforehand, otherwise, the still-lingering negative energy will be trapped.


Called the “merchant stone”, Citrine brings prosperity and abundance. It is stated to place in the southeast corner of your business or home to help bring financial increase and prosperity to your business/home.


A stone with scientific data to back it up, Shungite, protects from harmful EMF energy. We are in a world of technology with all our electronic devices. Placing a Shungite stone next to your computer space, charging stations, or home entertainment centers can help absorb some of the budding EMF wave build-ups. Thus creating a less tense, overwhelming environmental feeling.


Carnelian is an energizing stone. This stone helps get the creative juices flowing. Place a piece of Carnelian in the kitchen for culinary creativity and never have the what’s-for-dinner blues again.

For Best Results

To get the most benefit from your crystals, first: purify your home and your crystals before you place your crystals anywhere. Then, to maintain their energies, remember to cleanse them at least once or twice a month. This helps to remove any negative energy they have absorbed, keeping your home's energy in a peaceful, harmonious flow.

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