How you can recognize and cultivate your Spiritual Gifts

You can fulfill your life if you utilize the spiritual gift you are given for free and share love with your fellow human beings. Each person is given unique gifts that they can share with the body of Jesus Christ and serve other fellow humankind with love while being a light to the world.

The most important thing is for a person to be able to recognize these gifts and use them properly. Supposing you have these gifts and you do not know how to apply them. Here are some pieces of advice by Goddess Divine Tarot that will help you identify and develop these free spiritual gifts.

Take an Inventory

An excellent place to find out the type of spiritual gift you have is by asking other believers about the qualities they see in you. You will find out that they will recognize some of the Gods' given abilities in you that you may not have identified. Something you may not be aware of. Some of the qualities you are not aware of simply because they have not been named. Therefore, when you reflect and pray and seek counsel from other believers, you may identify your gifts. Find out places where interests peak and where God gives you the energy to give and become alive.

Have your Community of Believers Affirm them

You can ask people falling within your faith community, whether a small group or other community that you interact with, if they can recognize these gifts in you. The majority of them may recognize you better than most people in the entire church congregation. Take time and interact with them and enquire from them to give you affirmation about your gifts. Supposing after asking them, they will not be able to figure out your gifts. You can organize some prayer sessions with the group members and ask the Holy Spirit to assist you in identifying the gifts. You can also help your group members identify their gifts as well.

Practice your Spiritual Gifts

The spiritual gifts that you have may be useless if you don't use them for their purpose. If you have discovered and know the kind of gifts you have, find a place within the church body where you can utilize them well for the glory of God. Find places where your passion will come alive and the particular ministries that resonate well with what God has blessed you with, and use those gifts.

Test them

Within each group you belong to, you can allow each other to test each member's spiritual gifts. This will give those who have and those who still haven't figured out their gifts nurture them and discover them in a safe, calm environment. The church is the best outlet for your gifts. You can ask your spiritual leaders about places where you can try and test your gift. For instance, if you have them gift of hospitality but you do not know where to do it, ask for places where you can serve and use them well.

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