Beginner's Guide To Crystals For Anxiety

Anxiety grips nearly everyone. Some experience mild anxiety that is considered a normal level. Others can experience anxiety that is debilitating or affects every aspect of their life. One way that some attempt to help their anxiety is through crystal work. Crystals have healing aspects that can help people calm their anxiety and help them continue on their everyday life.

Best Crystals For Anxiety

There are many crystals with properties that help anxiety. These crystals are either calming, focus on energies or relate to self-belief. There are seven crystals in this list, but there are plenty of other options that can be found with extra research. These seven will be a great starting point for a journey into crystal work.

Blue Lace Agate is the first crystal in this list. This is a quartz that is mostly light blue. It has bands, striped with shades of light blue, white, and sometimes has brown threads. Blue Lace Agate soothex the mind, and restores inner relaxation and calm.

Black Tourmaline is a black hexagonal crystal that includes magnesium, iron, and other metals, which determine the color. It is most commonly pitch black. This crystal is meant to change dense energy by cleansing or purifying it into a lighter energy.

Citrine is a transparent crystal that can be a pale yellow to an almost honey brown. The name is derived from the French word for lemon, citron. This crystal can strengthen self-belief and assist in cheerfulness.

White Howlite is a type of howlite, which is a borate mineral. It is typically a cream or white color with grey or black web-like veins. This mineral is used to soothe and ease anxiety. It can also release some emotional pain and reduce anger.

Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, is a mixture of quartz. It is usually a green jasper with red hematite. This quartz is meant to help with inner strength and motivation. It also assists in comforting and nurturing.

Obsidian is a dark purple or black volcanic glass. This crystal clears out any negative energy and protects against negative attention.

Rhodonite is a crystalized mineral that is usually a rosey or red color with some brown. This mineral helps to focus energies outward and helps to reach full potential.

How to Use Crystals

When it comes to crystals, it is important that they are used frequently in different aspects. They can work in the background while doing other things, or they can be used with intention. A way to passively use crystals may be to have them in your bag or worn as jewelry. Another way to use them may be by meditating with them around or praying with them in hand.

Cleansing Crystals

After a crystal has been around and used it may lose its charge. It is important to cleanse crystals so that they continue to work as planned. Crystals can be cleansed by sunlight or moonlight on a windowsill. They can also be cleansed by running water

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