A Quick Lesson on Animal Spirit Guides

Animals can serve as powerful friends, messengers and spirit guides if we allow them to and if we pay attention to the messages and guidance they are trying to share with us. If you are fortunate enough to have an animal spirit guide, you'll know what a special and sacred relationship this can be between a human and an animal.

What is an animal spirit guide?

In the most basic definition, an animal spirit guide is a teacher or a messenger that shows itself to us in the form of an animal and has a personal relationship with us as an individual.

Very often we might have a personal relationship or affinity to our spirit animals, but that might not always be the case. Spirit animals can be constant in our lives, guiding us through decades, or they could be temporary guides, only there to help us in a certain phase,situation, or to deliver a specific message.

Different animals represent different characteristics and our spirit animals are traditionally thought to be our protectors and guides. Sometimes they might be called our animal totems.

Animal spirit guides can be literally any animal, large or small, common or uncommon. It can be an insect such as a spider or a ladybug, or it can be a large mammal such as a whale or a bear.

How do you determine what your animal spirit guide is?

Being in tune with your surroundings and being observant is key in determining if you have an animal messenger trying to communicate with you. You might be able to call an animal spirit guide to you by asking a particular animal to show itself to you, but typically, most people first find their animal spirit guides seemingly by chance.

Spirit animals typically repeatedly make themselves shown to us in an obvious or symbolic way. For example, you might suddenly start seeing a cardinal every single day, or what feels like every place you go, you might spot a cardinal. This could very likely mean that the cardinal is your spirit animal and it's trying to get your attention.

Spirit animals might come to us in dreams, symbolically through repetitive representations in our everyday lives, or we might actually have physical encounters with our animal guides. For example:

  • Physical Encounters:

  • You keep seeing a particular animal in a variety of places

  • A particular animal keeps showing up in your yard. For example, a specific bird keeps landing on your fence

  • Symbolic/Non-Physical Representations:

  • Dreaming of an animal frequently

  • Seeing a representation of an animal in a variety of places or on a variety of things (perhaps everywhere you go you see ladybugs on items or you keep getting given things by others depicting that particular animal

Now that you know what a spirit animal is and how to spot it, enjoy the wonder and joy of finding and communicating with your new spiritual guide and friend!

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